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Our Programs

The Concept of Incubation

The idea of Civil Society Incubators emerged from our continuous mapping of civil society organizations in all Syrian regions since 2015. IMPACT has found that the traditional method of capacity building through training workshops is not a contribution to the actual growth and development of organizations.


As a result, the concept of the Incubation has been developed. Incubation; a long-term support program designed specifically for local CSOs that offers a nurturing environment for CSOs to learn and grow, through three main support themes of Capacity Development through specialized programs of training and coaching, tailored to their needs and capacity, Grants Making such as core funding, project support, and Networking with similar initiatives and CSOs, provide visibility boosting, and coordination meetings for community stakeholders. The Incubation program also offers its physical spaces for CSOs to work and hold activities.


IMPACT conducted two mapping/capacity assessments for CSOs in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, which have shown the need for long-term comprehensive programs that aims to empower local CSOs through three main forms of capacity building: in-house training for teams, continuous coaching and support, and core funding or project funds that cover overhead costs.

Currently, 28 local CSOs are working in Raqqa and 9 in Deir Ezzor, with the development of civil society organizations in Syria.

The Concept of Incubation

Our Programs

As an essential component of the Daam Center, the Networking program has been designed to strengthen relationships and opportunities for coordination amongst actors from different localities within Northeast Syria, including policy makers, influential stakeholders, and local governance entities.
Our aim is to enhance capacities and knowledge within civic actors by fostering knowledge and expertise transfer between actors from the same domain of work.


With focus on three main interrelated aspects of networking: thematic networking, cross-area networking, and peer-to-peer networking.
These can be implemented through various tools such as public meetings, thematic workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, in addition to other activities designed specifically for the purpose of connecting actors with each other.

Welcome to Daam center’s Capacity Development Program, where we offer comprehensive capacity development to local civil society organizations (CSOs) in Northeast Syria. Our goal is to support these organizations to become self-sufficient and sustainable in their operations. To achieve this, we offer customized sessions to help each incubated CSO develop their own vision, mission, strategy, and organizational structures.
Additionally, we provide a wide range of training courses covering essential management skills, including project, finance and operations management, monitoring and evaluation, human resources, fundraising and proposal writing, and strategic planning.

We also offer a package on social engagement and civic liberties, including community outreach and citizenship, advocacy and campaigning, facilitation and communication skills, international humanitarian law, core humanitarian standards, and human right-based approaches.


Our training courses usually last four days and are held at our premises in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. Furthermore, our incubated CSOs receive extended coaching periods during which our trainers and experts follow up with them on implementation of their projects and management of their organizations. Our coaches also help develop policies and procedures in line with internationally approved standards and the CSOs’ respective domains of work.

The Daam Centers is committed to supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) through small grants for social projects. As part of its efforts to enhance the role of civil society and improve its access and effectiveness in the region.
The center offers two main strands of grants:


  • The first strand is the Core Fund for Incubated organizations, which provides a small grant to cover core expenses and implement a small-scale project for learning-by-doing and assessment.
  • The second strand is Grants for graduates and other civil society actors, which offers medium-sized grants through a call for proposals to implement non-humanitarian projects in social cohesion, advocacy, and human rights.

The grants program is supervised by finance and grants officers in the center and the headquarters, in close collaboration with the monitoring and evaluation team.