Every year, the Center selects a group of local organizations to take part in the various programs it provides. This selection process follows a strict set of criteria, taking into account the limited capacity of the incubation program. For example, in 2018, Impact conducted a mapping of civil society organizations operating in Raqqa whereby eight local groups from different sectors were selected for the program’s first phase.  Since then, the Center has happily increased its capacity to nearly threefold – to include 25 organizations in 2019 in the governorates of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

Partners (selected organizations) engage in a nine-month interactive program during which they benefit from a wide range of services provided by the Center. This relatively long period allows the partners to build strong ties, whether with the CSSC’s team or between the participating organizations themselves.

However, the Center’s services are not limited to partners. We encourage all individuals and local initiatives to take part and benefit from the services, training, and workspace we provide.

Conditions for selecting partners:


Impact, in collaboration with Weaam Organization, has developed a set of conditions for selecting organizations to take part in the incubation program.

These conditions are reviewed regularly to ensure that they help to maintain a balance in the type and number of organizations participating:

  • Organizations working in the services sector: Based on the donor’s requirements, the partner organization should be working in the services sector and should have worked on at least one service project previously; or already has a service project in its current plan.
  • Priority for city projects: The priority is given to organizations working on service projects in the city in order to fill the apparent greater shortfall of services in the city due to the conflict.
  • The balance between newly established and existing organizations: Our criteria here takes into account the need to balance between the number of newly established organizations and existing organizations.
  • Gender: At least one women’s/gender-focused organization should be among the selected organizations
  • Geographical distribution: Priority is given to organizations whose activities cover the cities of Raqqa governorate (Raqqa City, Tal Abyad, Ain Issa, Al-Tabqa), and the cities of Deir ez-Zor governorate.
  • Local organizations: This initiative is limited to local organizations whose members of the board of directors come from this governorate:
    • The organization may not be a branch/extension of an international organization.
    • The scope of its work does not expand beyond the provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor to other Syrian provinces.
  • Does not operate on an ethnic or religious basis: The Center excludes organizations founded on religious, ethnic, sectarian, and/or political grounds.
  • Their previous participation in the Weaam Programs: The organizations may not have received previous support at the level of management and training from Weaam Program.

Number of beneficiaries from the Center for Civil Society Support for 2018-2019


Partner Organizations


Job Offers


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries for the Year 2018


Partner Organizations


Job Offers


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries for the Year 2019