Oxygen Shabab

Oxygen Shabab

Established in 2017, Oxygen Shabab is a Raqqa-based organization working in the services, education, environment and development sectors.


Oxygen is managed by an ambitious group of young activists, most of whom hold university degrees in economics, business administration, engineering, marketing and languages.


Its main mission is to restore stability in the community and to rehabilitate basic services in education, health care and development, in addition to protecting and empowering women and children. Oxygen has managed several key projects, including the “Home Gardens” Project to help Raqqa people achieve self-sufficiency.  Implemented in partnership with Totol organization, this single concept benefited 120 families.


Additionally, Oxygen launched the “Mawasemna/Our Seasons” to clean and restore agricultural channels, as well as the “Seeds of Nonviolence” initiative to promote  education and positive peaceful behavior among children.

January 1, 2020