About the Center

The Civil Society Support Center is an initiative launched by Impact to develop the capacity of Syrian civil society groups and individuals, in order to be able to operate efficiently and effectively within the post-conflict civil society space

Initiatives Directory

This list includes local organizations’ names that are operating in Raqqa and its countryside with its main work center, its official page and its main work fields

Center's services

Obtaining the necessary support to identify gaps in its capabilities, and it will provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop organizational management, develop technical programs, and how to implement them

Center's Activities

Organize networking activities, build relationships, hold business meetings, and coordinate with decision-makers through which to promote the role of civil society organizations in the community affairs field

Father Paolo Fund

Every year, the Center selects a group of local organizations to take part in the various programs it provides.

Number of beneficiaries from the Center for Civil Society Support for 2018-2019


Beneficiaries for the year 2019

The direct and indirect beneficiaries


Beneficiaries for the year 2018

The direct and indirect beneficiaries


What services does the center provide?

The center offers two levels of services, the first related to partner organizations and the second for organizations outside the incubation program.
For more information, you can visit the Center services’ page

Does the center have other offices?

Yes, the center has its first main office in Al-Raqqa – Al-Mashlab neighborhood, Al-Faisal Street
The second office is located in Tabqa City – Al Arid Street – Daam Center
The center is planning to open a third office in Al Sour city in Deir Al-Zour

Does the center operate outside the province of Raqqa?

Yes, the center has its first main office in Al-Raqqa, Al-Faisal Street.
Second office in the western countryside of Deir Al-Zour, Al Kasra region.